About Our Organization 


The mission of Autism York is to provide support to individuals on the autism spectrum, their parents, families and friends. Our group exists for the sole purpose of providing support in a safe and friendly environment.

It is the intention of Autism York as a group to promote understanding and respect of all families and the choices they make regarding therapies and interventions. Through this group we will offer opportunities for families and individuals on the autism spectrum to learn, grow, and develop relationships that help guide one another through this journey.

Autism York sponsors events and programs at low or no cost to families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in York and surrounding Counties. These include:

  • Monthly Support Meetings
  • Family Social and Recreational Outings
  • Monthly Social Group for Adults with ASD
  • Monthly Social Group for Teens with ASD
  • Lending Library with over 1,000 titles
  • Resource Guide, Transition Guide & Local Service Provider Directory
  • Educational Speaker Seminars
  • Community Awareness Presentations (for schools, churches, emergency service workers, etc.)

We are a non-profit, all volunteer organization made up of parents and professionals in York County. All money raised stays local to help families and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders, making all of the Autism York events and projects possible.

Your support is appreciated by so many families! THANK YOU!