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Eliza is a happy, and explorative nonverbal 3 year old on the Autism Spectrum. She also faces Global Development Delay, and Hypochondraplasia. She loves trains, cars, music, playing at the park, and CAAAKE! When Eliza was born, her father remarked that the top of her head was fuzzy like a kiwi, and that is how she got her nickname. She has 3 siblings, and a fat cat with whom she always shares her dinner. Eliza attends the LIU Preschool and loves to play, dance, and paint with her friends. She is always ready for an adventure with her family and never fails to be the first one out the door. 

This is her first year participating in the Autism Walkathon.

For every donation you will receive a personalized Thank You art work by Eliza herself! 

Check Out these other cool prizes!

10$ donation- Entered into a drawing for Starbucks Giftcard, so you can try Eliza's favorite treat for yourself- cakepops!

50$ donation- Entered into a drawing for a photography session by Neva Designs! 

100$ donation- Kiwi & Co Autism Walk Support shirt & Autism Support pin


Please help us raise money for Autism York and connect kids like Eliza Mae!

ABOUT 2022 Walk for Autism

Autism York sponsors many events and programs at low or no cost to families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder in our community.  These include monthly meetings, family social events, social groups for adults & teens with ASD, Resource and Transition Guides, Lending Library, information and awareness opportunities, and more!

All are made possible through tax deductible donations to Autism York.  The majority of the income raised each year to fund our Autism York events and programs comes from the annual Walk.  All money raised stays here to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families in the York area.  Thank you for generous support!


Learn More About the Walk

Download a Walk Donation Sheet


Name Date Amount Comments
Samuel Weyant 04/02/2022 $85.00  
Nancy Jones 04/01/2022 $20.91 Enjoy your walk! I hope there is cake waiting for you at the end!?
Alicia Weyant 03/30/2022 $.00  
Cheryl Weyant 03/30/2022 $.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/30/2022 $82.70  
Ruth Good 03/29/2022 $77.55  
April Ballou Ballou 03/29/2022 $20.91  
Leonard Stoner 03/27/2022 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 03/22/2022 $140.00 Church donation wknd 1
Jayne Baldwin 03/21/2022 $50.00 Love watching Eliza grow!
John Sprenkle 03/20/2022 $77.55  
Alena Norris 03/10/2022 $26.06  
Sheryl Leaman 03/06/2022 $20.00 Go Eliza!
Alena Norris 03/06/2022 $26.06  
Jennifer Weyant 03/06/2022 $100.00  
Mary Warner 03/05/2022 $20.91  
Nicole Lindt 03/05/2022 $103.30  
Michele Gibbel 03/05/2022 $51.80  
Cheryl Weyant 03/05/2022 $206.28  
  Total $1,134.03